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Winter wedding photography in Dorset

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Wonderful winter wedding in Dorset

It was such an honour to be the wedding photographer for Olivia and Jev’s wonderful winter wedding in Dorset. Having photographed her sister Laura’s wedding a couple of years ago, it was lovely to see the family again.  Whilst Laura and Harry had to contend with incessant rain, Olivia and Jev had the covid pandemic! From 150 guests at Tisbury church and a reception at Messums, Wiltshire, to 15 family members in the Shaftesbury Town Hall, and a small family dinner at home. But I have come to the conclusion that small covid weddings are every bit as spectacular as the larger weddings.  They are intimate, personal and charged with emotion.  Perfect ingredients for a memorable occasion.

The day started with the usual bridal preparations, before we set off to the registry office.  Despite the cold and covid, some of their closest friends gathered as a surprise to Olivia to greet them on their exit.   All adhering to the social distancing requirements of course!  Indeed surprised she was.  And not a dry eye was in sight.  After this, we headed back home and raced through the family group photos, leaving time for this quick more informal portrait on the steps outside.  A few drinks and canapes were followed by a delicious sit down dinner, prepared by Victoria Blashford-Snell.    All in all, it couldn’t have been a more perfect day for a more wonderful couple.

If you’re interested in booking me as your wedding photographer, please do email me with your date, location of the ceremony & reception, timings, and approximate number of guests so I can send you a bespoke quote.   You can also see more examples of my work on my website.  Whilst based in Dorset, I travel throughout the UK.

Wedding speeches

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Speeches at a Dorset Wedding

I took this photo during one the speeches at a Dorset wedding.  It’s one of my favourite parts of the wedding day.  They are charged with so much emotion.  From pride, nostalgia, excitement and love, to sadness for those that could not be there, & the the inevitable highly entertaining stories which has everyone in stitches.    They make for wonderful photos that capture the spirit of the day. They are also the perfect time to take lovely portraits of family and guests, too busy listening to the speeches to notice the camera.   This bestman’s speech was one of the funniest I’ve ever heard.  And I have heard a lot!   The reactions of the bride & groom and the father of the bride say it all.

It was the wedding closest to home, near Sherborne in Dorset, I have ever photographed.   If our little rowing boat had less holes in it, still had an oar, and the river more water, I could have rowed up stream to their house in 5 minutes.   Instead it was a 2 minute drive and I arrived at both destinations dry!   The wedding service took place in Sherborne Abbey. with a reception in a lovely country house with stunning gardens.    You might find one or two other photographs from their wedding in my wedding gallery.

If you’re getting married and would like to consider booking me for as your wedding photographer, please do email me with your date, location of the ceremony & reception, timings, and approximate number of guests so I can send you a bespoke quote.   Alternatively, do call me on 07815 750 141 to discuss your day in more details.   Whilst based in Dorset, I travel throughout the South, photographing weddings regularly in Wiltshire, Hampshire, Berkshire, London, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and further afield too.