Portrait of a boy with apple

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I had such a happy day photographing 3 generations of a wonderful family in Hampshire, ranging from an elegant and charming grandmother down to this divine 2 year old boy, Arthur.   This year seems to be ‘year of the grandparents’ as this must be at least the tenth family photography booking I’ve had this year involving 3 occasionally even 4 generations.

As a portrait photographer, I photograph people of all ages, but children photography is my passion.   Whilst children can of course be challenging, as long as you keep the session fun, they are immensely rewarding.  Their expressions are so diverse, their energy and enthusiasm boundless, and they are blissfully unselfconscious.

It’s usually a question of playing a game they in enjoy in a photogenic location and being quick off the mark as they don’t hang around, especially boys!   For Arthur, playing hide and seek whilst munching on an apple was his idea of heaven, and the vegetable garden provided a perfect backdrop.    I would normally try to avoid children eating whilst I’m photographing as eating photographs don’t tend to be great but the abundance of ripe, juicy apples hanging off the trees were just too much temptation for a hungry boy – and this apple bought us another 30 minutes of his attention.    I love the cheeky excitement in his eyes as he hides rather unsuccessfully behind some flowers.

I generally prefer black and white for children portrait photography but sometimes the colours are just too lovely to lose – the pinks and greens are so lush, and his blue outfit brings out the blue in Arthur’s eyes.